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The Trigger Studio is our curated community of over 3000 freelance creative talents. Twice a month, we feature a member of the Studio community, so that you can get to know them a little better.

Studio member Tara Scammell is a Producer. We love working with Tara because she always brings a great balance of creativity and efficiency to the projects she produces. She loves to get involved in the creative process with a focus on supporting the client and team members alike, nurturing each production to be delivered to fullest potential and on budget.

Hi Tara! How are you today?

Great thanks, it’s Easter weekend, a time of endings, of bright new fluffy beginnings and of chocolate – what’s more to say!

For anyone who isn’t sure, can you tell us what being a Producer involves?

What doesn’t being a producer involve? I can do everything from making tea (which I actually believe is super important), to snail wrangling, budget control and hand modelling. Basically I do everything required to get the job done! Sometimes that means hiring the most awesome creative, cast or crew member and other times it means me getting super creative with the team to deliver the goods. I’ve also been known to feature on camera wearing a chicken onesie, but that’s another story!

Can you talk us through a week in the life of Tara? What do you get up to, in and out of work?

I mostly work remotely from home, which is a great contrast from years of office based production work in central London – I love it this way as I live near a wood, surrounded by nature. My week involves juggling Production work, completing my two year training as a Yoga Teacher and attempting to finish the ever growing writing of my first book. I used to think I had to separate these things, put on a different hat for each part of life, but thankfully I soon realised that I could integrate them all and now life is awesome as I bring all my passions together in each part of my life. You’ll often find me coaching a crew member regarding pain in their lower back or chatting about healthier lifestyles over the organic snacks I provide on set or indeed helping to set up the filming of brand work for my yoga school!

I work in plenty of unusual locations with a variety of clients – never the same thing twice, one week I am sourcing cucumbers, remote control robots and snails, the next setting up a shoot in Jamaica or Madagascar. What I love is that there’s a new challenge in each job, from the apparently simple to the utterly outrageous. There’s never a dull moment.

When and why did you decide that being a producer was the job for you?

I trained in performing arts at a specialist school (The Arts Educational School, Tring) and realised as a teenager that I preferred supporting the production than I did featuring in it. Since then it’s just been obvious and my training has always come in handy to help me understand how best to communicate with the cast on set, whether they’re an unknown extra or Dame Shirley Bassey!

What sort of skills and qualities do you think make someone a good producer?

People skills: honestly I think they are the most important! Sure it helps to be good with numbers, like to organise and be able to have a clear idea of the bigger picture, but I think the most important thing I do is support the client and creative team I work with to be their best through awesome communication. When I put emphasis on this I know we will end up with an awesome production and final piece. Plus we have fun in the process as everyone enjoys it. I often take inspiration from the four agreements of the Toltecs particularly ‘be impeccable with your word’.

How did you get to where you are now? Did you have to work your way up?

I started as a Production Assistant and worked my way up from there, learning on the job. I didn’t go to University, just came straight from Performing Arts School and started working.

Can you show us a project you’re particularly proud of and tell us a little about it?

I worked on a piece for a charity called Norword, who work wonders in North London, supporting those in need. It’s a subject close to my heart, as there is Autism in my family along with some close friends who have both Autistic and Downs Syndrome children. I felt so blessed producing this piece, particularly as we spent so much time with the people who run it and benefit from the work they do, all of whom are truly inspirational in the way they live their lives, so beautifully present and appreciative of life. One of the young men featured in this piece passed away about 6 months after we filmed it and knowing that his family have footage of him expressing how wonderful his life is was such a gift.

Tara, you’ve worked on quite a few projects with us here at Trigger. What would you say to someone who was thinking of signing up to the Trigger Studio?

All I can say is that Trigger are my most favourite company to work alongside – promise I’m not just saying that! It’s a joy to work with a team who are truly transparent and so utterly supportive of working in a more fair and open way.

Any tips for aspiring producers out there?

Get involved with productions in anyway you can, try out different roles in the process as it will help you to understand what your crew/team are doing and remember you are never above making a cup of tea or coffee.

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