The Future of Content Creation


Posted by Trigger

Today, marketing is as fragmented as it has ever been. The landscape, from a brand experience perspective, is being heavily informed by an influx of social channels, combined with, seemingly weekly, innovations in technology, personalisation, addressability, programmatic and formats. Add in ever-changing content needs from a brand and audience perspective, and marketing strategy is as complex as ever. But amongst so much transformation, how can brands remain relevant to the consumer?

At Trigger, we’ve seen how content creation needs have changed in the past four years. From working with brands such as Capital Radio, Renault, Puma, Panasonic and Starbucks, we’re at the forefront of the content revolution and we’re seeing first-hand how the requirements of marketers are evolving.

Over the next 12 months, we will be releasing a series of reports looking at the marketing environment and content creation and production specifically, and the changing needs and pressures of those working within it.
This report, the first in the series, discusses the most important issues for brand marketers in the current climate and looks ahead at the developing trends set to impact content creation going forward. From how influencer marketing has changed the advertising landscape for good, to how reactive marketing is critical for those brands who are willing to try it.

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