Embracing a Freelance Future (Part 2 of 2)


Posted by Trigger

Why it’s time to start making your business freelancer-friendly.

In part 1 of this article, we discussed the impact that a changing marketing landscape is having on agencies creating content. We looked at the benefits and challenges of working with freelancers and the need to rethink the way you work with freelancers if you really want to get ahead in 2018. Now we’ll show you how you can overcome these challenges and reap the benefits of the booming freelance economy.
The challenge: Invoice payment procedures

Late or unpaid invoices can be one of the biggest sources of conflict between agencies and freelancers. A lack of procedures & time, means that freelancer invoices can be easily overlooked and payments  delayed.

The solution

You need a system for storing invoices and a reminder when they’re due (suggest a couple of platforms). Alternatively, work with a third party agency who pays your freelancers for you – you’ll make one payment to the agency instead of multiple payments to freelancer.

The Challenge: Storing & retrieving freelancer data

You need to be able to find the right person for your project quickly and easily.

The challenge

Build a bespoke database, filtered by skill set, experience level and industry experience. OR use a 3rd party who has already created one for this purpose! You can use Trigger Hub to store all your freelancer data, easily filter it to find the right person. Plus Hub gives you access to an additional 3000 creative freelancers.

The challenge: on-boarding

You can spend valuable time getting your freelancer set up on a project with all of the assets and info they need.

The solution

Everything relevant to the project needs to be in one place, easy to access. You need to do this when the project starts. Using Hub for your project means that all relevant info is stored in one place, easy for anyone to drop in to a project and get started straight away.

The challenge: HR processes and dispute resolution

Your freelancer doesn’t deliver as agreed, or goes off sick meaning you’ll miss your client’s deadline. But who is accountable? And what do you do? Do you have a procedure in place to deal with these situations?

The solution

You could work with a HR agency to put procedures in place. Or you could work in partnership with an agency like Trigger. We resolve any disputes immediately, ensuring that you can continue with your project with minimal impact on the client.

The challenge: Too much of a good thing (recruitment)

Putting up a job ad for a freelancer can result in an influx of applications, and a large number of these may not be suitable. Going through these applications can take valuable time.

The solution

You want to be able to get to the right talent straight away. Work with a specialist agency with a purpose-built database – you can find the talent for your project in minutes.

The challenge: Office space

You want your freelancer to be in the office with you to improve efficiency. You need to be able to let them know immediately about any changes and get answers to questions but there’s just not room for them in the office!

The solution

You need a cloud-based platform that enables you to work with your freelancer in real-time.

At Trigger we believe that the future is freelance. If really want to get ahead in 2018, you need to start preparing your business to adapt to these changes. And we can help. The Trigger Studio is a curated community of 3,500 content creation professionals, bigger than any black book and individually vetted by our producers. We harness the power of the gig economy and our bespoke content production tool the Trigger Hub to collaborate with clients and the best freelance, on-demand creators to make impactful content at scale.

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