Food, Glorious Food!

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In early 2018 we heard that Tesco’s content agency Cedar Communications were looking to shake up and streamline their suppliers. We knew that we could help. Cedar Communications were looking for suppliers that could boost the quality and aesthetic of their food & drink content output, whilst delivering agility and efficiency against an unrelenting pipeline of productions.

Tesco and Trigger

After nine months of our partnership, we have created fifteen videos for the Tesco series. Trigger manages the continuous stream of production in-house, providing project management, account management, oversight and quality control. We are continually planning & running multiple productions simultaneously, on a rolling monthly cycle. Our feedback in consistently positive, with view counts on social giving us tangible evidence that the Cedar and Trigger partnership is providing results.

How we did it

To help boost the quality of the videos we source our crew from Trigger Studio, our community of over 3,500 vetted creatives. This gives us the agility and speed to find the creative talent Cedar needs with exactly the right food industry background and experience level on a project-by-project basis.

Our workflow platform, Trigger Hub, enables our crew, the Cedar teams and stakeholders to communicate instantly, share assets easily and collaborate remotely. Hub is an integral part of the process which enables us to deliver content faster and more efficiently than other suppliers.

Based on our experience, here are some tips that can help content producers with a similar challenge:

  • Scale of economies. Organise shoots back-to-back (sometimes we shoot up to four videos in one go)
  • Book crew, kit and locations on buyouts rather than on daily rates. This provides flexibility and good financial value for you and your client
  • Run your post production simultaneously, using the same team across multiple edits. This gives consistency in the workflow and style of the videos.
  • Continuously using the same small team is risky. Create a pool of well-managed talent on standby that are tee’d up in advance and can be assembled quickly. This means you will always have the resource required, and you don’t need to spend precious time on-boarding talent.   
  • When bulk producing content, use a workflow platform to make your production more efficient and easy to share with collaborators


Looking Forward

So far we have produced a range of content for Cedar that spans simple tabletop recipe videos, more complex promoted videos, Instagram videos and celebrity chef-led videos that all regularly rack up over 250k views on YouTube alone, with some exceeding the half-million mark. Who knows where the partnership will be in another nine months!