Let’s meet each other

We are trigger, a global content creation business.

Trigger’s platform-based offer enables marketers to create video & visual content on-demand. Our mission is to make it easier, faster and cheaper for marketers to create more relevant & buzzier content, at scale.

Our solution enables the creation of premium content for any screen. We produce content for anything from mobile to outdoor screens.Our clients achieve the biggest benefits when we work in partnership to transform the way they create content. 

In short, we drive maximum impact for minimal budgets whilst ensuring your audience enjoys everything they see.

trigger team.

Meet our senior team of content experts.

We’re a collective of experienced marketing pros, with a passion for all things content.


Stephen is the founder of trigger.

Co founder

Tom is the co-founder of trigger.

Senior Account Manager

Erin is our Senior Account Manager. She is a problem solver, overseeing projects and campaigns to ensure they’re delivered on time and on budget. Erin ensures our clients’ needs are met.

Marketing Manager

Heather devises and implements the marketing strategy for Trigger and Studio. She helps us to communicate what we do and makes sure that we always find the best creative talent to work on your projects.


Dylan is our Chief Tech Officer. He built Hub and continues to make sure it is the best content management platform in the universe!

Head of Production

Joel oversees the production pipeline at Trigger, from brief to delivery. A project management veteran, Joel ensures we consistently exceed client expectations and keep all projects on time and within budget.

Production and Talent Manager

Jos manages our studio of 3000 creatives and supervises on productions. He coordinates every project to ensure the best suited talent is on board and we provide a first-in-class team against any brief.

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